spectrometer software

Fiber Spectrometers

Spectrometers can be used as either a spectral instrument or a sensing module, featuring high spectral resolution, excellent thermal stability and small form factor etc.

  • Czerny-Turner optical structure with a grating, CCD photo detector and SMA905 fiber connector.
  • Connects to computer through a USB mini-B cable, controlled and powered by computer; compact size and pleasant appearance.
  • Excellent thermal stability.
  • Unique software features, automatic configuration of spectrometer, automatic reading of calibration coefficients, spectral acquisition and measurement, logging and color bar display.
  • Spectral measurements include radiation, transmittance, absorbance and reflectivity.
  • Two output data formats: conventional Excel two-column format and square format. The latter can be used to check the spectral data easily which is a unique design developed by us.
  • The selected spectral data on the spectral curve from the square format are marked using different colors, including the cursors and the area boundary lines, allowing users to easily find data in a large number of spectral data.
  • Cursors are used to find the wavelengths. The spectral width is found by moving the two boundary lines.
  • Software logging allows the user to record experimental content such as the material analyzed, the operator and time etc.
  • Software color bars help users understand the corresponding wavelengths of the spectrum.
  • GLA600-UVN optical fiber spectrometer includes UV band spectrometer, VIS band spectrometer and NIR band spectrometer.


Biomedical applications

Environment monitoring

Colorimetric measurement

Fluorescence measurement

Food processing

Semiconductor industry