Glydden 785 laser

Narrow Band 785 Lasers

Stable centre wavelength with narrow band laser source used for Raman spectrometers and instrument illumination etc.

  • High power 785nm laser light source with fiber coupling output.
  • Excellent stability.
  • 0.1nm FWHM.
  • Three operating modes: CW, pulse and external trigger.
  • Easily integrates with spectrometers and other devices.
  • Compact, versatile and cost-effective.
  • Factory default fiber output interface is SMA905, customers can choose other optical interfaces such as FC etc.

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QD laser

QD Laser

Semiconductor lasers with wavelengths from 532, 1000 to 1310nm used for material processing and sensing etc.

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Omicron Laserage

Omicron Laserage, Germany

DPSS, diode lasers and LED sources (UV, visible and NIR) featuring high speed modulation used for material analysis and instrument illumination etc.

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